Pervasive Data Science Group

University of Helsinki

About Us

The Pervasive Data Science group focuses on research challenges surrounding the proliferation of sensor-enabled devices into everyday environments. Of particular interest is how to use data provided by these devices to support scientific investigations. Key research challenges addressed by the group include:

  • Improving the quality of sensor measurements collected on commodity devices.
  • Optimal collection of sensor measurements considering resource-effectiveness (e.g., energy and network connectivity) and quality of collected sensor data.
  • Representativeness of sensor data.
  • Sensor-supported methods for supporting scientific investigations in different fields.

Example topics of our research include:

  • Crowdsensing
  • Offloading
  • Mobile Sensing

The group is lead by Associate Professor Petteri Nurmi, Dr Eemil Lagerspetz, and Dr Huber Flores and operates within the larger NODES research programme of University of Helsinki.